Learn More About the People Behind The Pantry



Kat moved here for 6 months about 13 years ago. She's lived in a lot of different places so doesn't exactly know where she came from. When not working at The Pantry she can be found wandering through the forests or in her backyard garden. Her favourite products from The Pantry are the bulk things you can take home in reusable jars and the "specialty" products we carry that enable us to make healthy, nutritious food at home without having to drive to the city to access them.

Tamara is one of those people that can cheer you up on your gloomiest day! She finds joy in *everything* and loves to share that joy with everyone around her! She LOVES trying new combinations of foods - and her favourite thing is to pair the Rebel Badass BBQ Gold Digger mustard-based BBQ sauce with the Baked Aussie sausage rolls!



 Angie is one of the many redheads at The Pantry! She moved out to The Pass from Calgary with her family in 2022. Her favourite product at The Pantry is The Bare Co. cleaning products - she used so much of it to clean her home when she first moved to Crowsnest Pass! Angie shopped so much at The Pantry that she made friends with Jasmine. She is officially known as "The Queen of Clean" with her co-workers!

Jasmine started The Pantry because she believes that everyone should have access to the foods and health products to eat well and live well. A passion for our small town and good food motivated this Doctor of Pharmacy to branch out from treating disease with medications to preventing disease with good food and a healthy lifestyle. She is proud to call Crowsnest Pass "home" and is grateful for the support of the community!



 Sarah-Dash is a naturopath with over 30 years' experience! If you have any questions or concerns about your health she is available at The Pantry every Tuesday from 12-6pm for consultation!

Martha is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist and acupuncturist! She brings her expertise and love for health to serve you at The Pantry every Wednesday and Thursday! Her favourite product is the Blume Blue Lavender blend.



 Amy moved to Alberta 15 years ago from Vancouver Island and loves the mountains in Southern Alberta! She has a background working in food security and The Pantry aligns with her personal passion to provide healthy, affordable food to everyone. Amy's favourite products include Routine deodorant and Abdo's hummus! You can find her exploring the trails with her family when she is not working.

 Ashley is our newest staff member at The Pantry! Her official job title is "Restocking Ninja / Stock Overlord / Veggie Mini Boss. She recently moved to Crowsnest Pass from the Cranbrook area and we're so excited to have her on board!