The Veggie Guy – Fresh, local veggies

Harvested with Love: The Crowsnest Pantry is known for our fresh and affordable local produce!

Explore our fresh veggies section, where we proudly showcase the best produce our region has to offer. From crisp greens to vibrant seasonal picks, we bring the farm and greenhouse to your table, supporting local growers and ensuring the freshest flavours on your plate.

One Mile Ranch – Pasture-raised pork and beef:

Check out our local pasture-raised pork and beef from One Mile Ranch, where quality meets conscience. Our commitment to locally-sourced, humanely raised meat delivers a taste that is second to none.

**Selection varies based on season and availability. Come see us in store for your pasture-raised meat!

Mans Eggs – Local Free-Range Eggs

Our Free Range Eggs are locally-sourced and laid by happy hens who have the choice to be indoors or outdoors. Each carton is a testament to quality and ethical farming. You can reap the health benefits and taste the rich, wholesome flavour that comes from a cage-free life.

Other Top Grocery Brands In Store:

Brandi’s Salsa

HighQ Foods

Brandi makes this salsa by hand and with love in Medicine Hat, AB! Available in SIX different levels of spice (and mango!). We dare you to try the Grim Reaper!

Raw Sauerkraut - Available in turmeric, dill pickle, and original. In the fridge!

Wild Brew Co

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Kombucha: Where effervescent wellness meets refreshment. Explore our diverse selection of flavorful and probiotic-rich kombucha, crafted with care and creativity by the folks at Wild Brew Co. In Red Deer, AB. Sip your way to a healthier, happier you with every can.

Ethically sourced, fair-trade organic coffee – We carry Burnt Timber (dark roast), Grizzly, Bison, Peruvian Decaf and Flash Fuel instant coffee

Naked & Saucy

Primal Kitchen

Soy-free, organic, vegan ingredients that you can feel good about! We carry the soy sauce substitute, peanut sauce, garlic chili sauce, vegan oyster sauce, sweet thai chili sauce, sweet & sour sauce and teriyaki sauce.

All organic salad dressings and sauces made from heart-healthy avocado oil! We carry the full range of salad dressings, mayo, avocado oil, tartar sauce and buffalo sauce.

Neal Bros:

Hippie Snacks

All organic tortilla chips, corn chips and plant-based queso We carry the blue corn tortillachips, the classic tortilla chips, Original and Mexican Street corn chips, and the Plant-based Queso.

Better-for-you snacks made from high-quality organic, non-GMO ingredients. We carry the banana bread crisps in original, chocolate chip and almond butter flavours.

SIIP broths:

Three Farmers Roasted Snacks

High-protein, keto bone broths available in convenient on-the-go stick packs so you can enjoy the benefits of bone broth anywhere and in minutes! We carry the beef broth, chicken broth and vegan mushroom broth.

Loaded with kickin’ flavour and packed with protein & fibre, these snacks are roasted to a perfect crunch! We carry a wide variety of flavoured roasted chickpeas, lentils and fava beans (including sea salt, dill pickle, sweet chili and garlic + herb!)