Embrace natural living and dive into our Wellness Oasis! The Crowsnest Pantry features a huge range of natural health products, all-natural personal care essentials, and top quality supplements. Nourish your body and pamper your senses with our thoughtfully curated collection. Elevate your well-being, naturally.

1. Supplements:

Our staff Naturopath is in store every Tuesday to guide you on your wellness journey. Pop in for a personalized consultation and discover which supplements may help your unique health needs. We carry a wide range of supplements from top brands including CanPrev, Genestra, NFH and BioClinic. Your path to better health starts here!

2. Our Top Natural-Products Brands


We carry a full range of all-natural deodorants, shampoo, conditioner and body lotions! Save money and save the Earth by refilling your Routine products with us!

Hillcrest Naturals:

The ladies from Hillcrest Naturals have recently created an exclusive scented soap, just for us called “Earth Mother”! Handcrafted with love, their souffles, body lotions, lip balms, magnesium creams, soaps, and gift sets are available in store!

The Unscented Co:

From dish soap to dish tabs, from hand soap to laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner, The Unscented Co. products are effective, safe for the land and waterways, and available in refill to help reduce our collective impact on the environment.


Versatile and organic, this natural brand of 3-in-1 soaps, hand soaps and body lotions are available at The Crowsnest Pantry.


The Future is Bamboo:

The bamboo toothbrushes and compostable floss picks help us say “no” to plastic and “yes” to sustainable oral care products!

Nelson Naturals:

Just crush and brush – toothpaste tablets are convenient, precise dosing and reduce plastic and water waste.


We carry a full range of natural toothpastes and oral care products.